Senior Scouts in Thailand


Senior Scouts (Grades 7-9)

Objectives: In order to enable learners to develop physical, intellectual, mental, and moral qualities so as to become good citizens with responsibility in promoting social progress, national peace and security, the following characteristics are to be cultivated:-

  1. Knowledge, understanding , and ability to comply with the Promise, the Scout Laws, and Senior Scout Mottos.
  2. Skills in observation, memorization, using hands and tools, problem-solving, and team work.
  3. Honesty, bravery, patience, self-confidence, good discipline, unity, sympathy, sacrifice, and doing good for the public benefit.
  4. Self-improvement, creating skillful craftsmanship, interest in nature and natural development.

Description: Conducting troop meeting session, practising according to Scout procedures, and organising the following activities: studying, analysing, planning, implementing activities at activity bases with emphasis on den system and concluding results of activities, and closing the session with the following topics:

1. World Award (7th grade)
1.1 Activities of the National Scout Organisation of Thailand and the World Organisation of Scout Movement and one’s role as a Senior Scout.
1.2 The Promise, and the Senior Scout Laws.
1.3 Drill rules.
1.4 Outdoor living.
1.5 Knot making and their uses
1.7 General safety.
2. Progressive Award (8th grade)
2.1 Explorations.
2.2 Services.
2.3 Civic Duties.
2.4 The environment.
2.5 Artistic expressions.
2.6 Physical competency.
2.7 Ideals.
2.8 Specially-interest activities.
3. King Scout Award (9th grade)
3.1 Explorations.
3.2 Services
3.3 Civic Duties
3.4 The environment.
3.5 Artistic expressions.
3.6 Physical competency.
3.7 Ideals.
3.8 Specially-interest activities.


The boys wear the same khaki uniform as the Scouts with a yellow scarf, but they have red shoulder tags and a red beret. On the tags are the initials for Senior Scouts in Thai. On the left shoulder they have their patrol badge and the right shoulder their proficiency badges. On their left shirt pocket they have two red stripes for Patrol Leaders and one stripe for Assistant Patrol Leaders. Also, when they have earned it, they have the Senior Scout Badge, King’s Scout Badge and the World Membership Badge.

The girls have the same green uniform as the Girl Scouts but with red shoulder tags. On the tags is the logo for Nate Nari. Everything else is the same as for the boys.